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Chelsi has modern machinery. We can roller coat, spray, hydraulically emboss, plate, and a lot more. For our finish we use environmentally-friendly products, all of course being water-based.

Experts in fulfilling customers’ leather requirements, the finishing process starts by creating the correct colour dye. This is machine-sprayed, roller coated or printed onto the leather. By building up various layers of finish, the required result is achieved. Specifications relating to looks, elasticity, lustre and bond are pre-determined and incorporated into the dye recipe. Inspections are completed throughout the production process to obtain the optimal end result.

We are highly flexible and can provide our clients a wide selection of colors, prints, and finishes to meet every client’s needs.
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1. Curing
2. Soaking and Liming
3. Fleshing
4. Splitting
5. Chrome Tanning
6. Sammying
7. Shaving
8. Retanning
9. Setting out
10. Toggling
11. Crust Sorting and Grading


Unlike many finished leather suppliers who offer a limited selection of colors, Chelsi meets your project’s requirements by exactly matching your color. We can match to any piece of original leather, vinyl, paint, carpet, fabric, picture, wall covering or metal sample, including all Pantone colors. To ensure your satisfaction, we will provide you with a leather swatch colored, matched to your sample, for your approval.

Leather embossing/printing is a process in which pressure is used in leather to stretch and hold an imprint as a way of altering or correcting the surface. While embossing can add a decorative touch, it can also be used to disguise marks or scars in the leather.

The embossing process will vary depending on the material or type of leather, as well as the design or pattern that is used. In Chelsi, we ensure that embossments in your leather is correctly done and we guarantee a beautiful, professional-looking finish.

Embossments and prints are usually applied to leather with simple texture such as cow, carabao (buffalo), and goat. We provide over 30 embossing plates of grain textures and patterns for our clients to choose from. From traditional cowhide textures, we also offer exotic and specialty grain patterns designed to look just like their original counterparts.

Finishing (topcoat)
We offer a wide variety of traditional and specialty finishes used to protect and preserve the color after dyeing and imparts a soft, lustrous patina. These include but are not limited to the following:

In addition, we offer the following improvements for your leather:

Water Proof
Fire Resistant


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