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Chelsi Leather and Services Inc. produces leather from different hides that are specialized for footwear, bags, belts, accesories, upholstery, and automative purposes. These hides include cow, carabao (buffalo), goat, fish, snake, ostrich, and crocodile. However, it does not limit itself to these hides as it can service to any kind of skin. Chelsi offers genuine top-class leather of all kinds. It aims not only to scrutinize leather quality, but also to ensure affordability.

In terms of service, Chelsi works and develops for the best interest of the continuous depleting leather industry, as well as to help develop our own unique products to meet global demands. It offers reliable service to other tanneries that lack high-grade machineries that has risen in light of recent advances in technology.

Chelsi’s advanced technology makes it possible to upgrade leather quality with regards to its tanning, dyeing, and, finishing. Such advancements have grown favorable results in both clients’ satisfaction and business reaps, that this success has led to the construction of a new building to expand the company. In the interest of being environmental friendly, this expansion includes the treatment of the water systems so as to avoid any hazards detrimental to the environment.

Expertise in leather production, techniques and methods that comes from years of experience, as well as technological advancements in processes and equipments used makes Chelsi competent both here and abroad. This, combined with the company’s bond of trust, commitment, and service, ensures its clients’ total insurance and satisfaction.

Environmental Practices

Leather tanneries are known to be one of the most polluting industries today as massive of wastes are produced everyday, but we beg to differ.

Chelsi has an excellent record of environmental care as it is the only leather tannery in the Philippines that makes use of a filtering system. Chelsi’s waste chrome liquors are filtrated where the concentrate is being used for tanning, and the total waste water is treated by nanofiltration in order to make use of the permeate as raw water in the tannery.

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Chelsi Leather & Services Mission & Vision.


We envision to be the no. 1 leather tannery in the Philippines known for generating world-class leather competent for both local and global markets.


  • To provide top quality leather that meets the conditions of our present and future clients
  • To ensure and continually improve the quality of our products and the standard of our services
  • To employ only the best practices to encompass an environment friendly tanning
  • To establish business at a competitive price

Looking forward to be the No. 1 Leather Tannery in the Philippines.

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